Oyaide Power Supply Distributor Tap (2.0m with cable) OCB-1 SX V2

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While basic structure inherited primary OCB-1 SX, due to the precision conductor 102SSC BLACK MAMBA V2 straight-out cable to the adopted nascent power tap OCB-1 SX V2. ◆ covers the PET mesh sleeve (black) to the cable sheathing, and strengthen the vibration damping. ◆ The Paste the OCB-1 SX V2 nameplate to the power plug, and specify the V2 model. ◆ The power plug fitted with a P / C-029 SPECIAL EDITION (mirror buffing electrode). ◆ Built-in the SWO-NT SPECIAL EDITION (mirror buffing electrode) into an electrical outlet. ◆ outlet / plug electrodes embody the original sound material by discharging the plating. ◆ After outlet / plug electrodes that was barrel polishing, hand in one by one to buff polished mirror finish of the craftsman. ◆ Case Material is based on the GF30% high rigidity engineering plastic material PBT, eliminate EMI noise by blending the carbon. ◆ adopted monocoque method to the case structure, high rigidity design having a 4mm thickness ones. ◆ firmly to secure the outlet to the column that was launched from the case in the bottom, quickly propagation and attenuation vibrations to the case side. ◆ the legs of 13mm diameter is provided in the case lower corner, reduces the contact area between the floor and the body, and suppressing the resonance of the location. ■ ■ Specification outlet plug talkative: 4-neck cable portion: BLACK MAMBA V2 (precision conductor 102SSC, 3.5SQx3 cabtyre structure) cable sheathing: PET mesh sleeve covering (black) power plug: P / C-029 SPECIAL EDITION (brass mirror buffing electrode) outlet: SWO-NT SPECIAL EDITION (phosphor bronze mirror buffing electrode) internal wiring: OFC 2mm single wire dimensions 🙁 width) 120 × (depth) 120 × (height) 60mm (case only, legs part not included) weight:. 830g rating: 125V / 15A PSE certified product



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